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fieldb 11

We provide training to B standard and can arrange for the examination to be taken with a Registered Club Examiner or Chief Examiner.

The candidate must successfully carry out the following flying test and reference to the BMFA Guidance Notes is very strongly recommended:

  • Carry out pre-flight checks as required by the BMFA Safety Codes.
  • Take off and complete a left (or right) hand circuit and overfly the take-off area.
  • Fly a"figureof eight" course with the cross-over in front of the pilot, height to be constant.The examiners will expect this manoeuvre to be flown more accurately than the similar manoeuvre in the 'A' Certificate test.
  • Fly into wind and complete one inside loop
  • Fly downwind and complete one outside loop downwsrds from the top i.e.a bunt.
  • Complete two consecutive rolls into wind.
  • Complete two consecutive rolls downwind using the opposite direction of roll rotation to that used in the previous rolls.
  • Gain height and perform a three turnspin,the initial headingand the recovery heading must be into wind and the modelmust fall into the spin (no‘flick’spinentry).
  • Fly a rectangularlanding approach and overshoot from below 10ft. Note that this manoeuvre is a baulked landing, not a low pass
  • Fly a rectangular circuit in the opposite direction to that in the landing approachat aconstant height of not more than 40 feet
  • Fly a rectangular landing approach and land (wheels to touch within a pre-designated 30 metre boundary).
  • Complete the post flight checks as required by the BMFA safety Codes.